Throughout the past decade, air conditioners have grown in popularity tremendously – mostly due to falling price tags. If we rewind 10-years ago, it’s feasible to assume that the average household could only afford a portable unit, simply because more complex models were just too expensive to own. Now though, it’s more than possible for absolutely anybody to purchase any type of AC – be it a portable one that can be simply carried, or a fixed window air conditioner.

As the prices have come down, funnily enough, the technology has improved. When you buy an air conditioner today, you can expect your appliance to come with either a 1, 2 or 3-year warranty – and that ought to convince you that today’s models are built to last. Still, though, there are dozens of manufacturers producing dozens of different models. So, how exactly do you look out for the perfect unit?


Window Air Conditioners – These models are designed to neatly and snuggly fit onto the exterior part of your window sill. They are installed in such a manner that the air comes flowing back into the room. Because these appliances sit outside the room, you usually get cooler and fresher air – because the air conditioner pulls in the air from outside – thus meaningless filtering is needed. With Window ACs, you’ll also find that they are much easier to install compared to other models.

Split Air Conditioners – Split ACs are effectively two units. One unit will be placed in the internal environment, whereas the other unit will be placed outside the room. The internal unit effectively captures the warm air and transfers it to the external unit. The external unit throws the warm air outside – keeping it from coming back. In the process, the internal unit cools down air and then transfers it into the room environment. Split ACs can be quite expensive, however.

Tower Air Conditioners – Tower ACs are perfect for cooling down one room. They come in different sizes and shapes but are best known for their sleek looks. Unlike other models, some Tower AC systems have rotation functions which help to ensure that the whole room is cooled down.

You will also need to consider the brand(L.G, Hyundai, Voltas, Sansui, Hitachi ). As with any type of appliance, there are industry leaders and manufacturers who produce cheaper models. Good brands to look out for include Frigidaire and Keystone, although all manufacturers build their appliances to certain standards – and all of them ought to last for a year or more without any sort of internal or external damage.


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