Modern Combat versus APK Review

Gameloft, a French gaming company is back with its new innovation in the popular first person shooter modern combat series. It is available on a free download from Google Play Store and also for apple users. It is known as Modern Combat Versus APK. Since this game is online it requires an active internet connection to run.

This is an arena-based multi-player game set in a futuristic world. Here users get to control fighters also known as agents, usually 12 agents. Each of the looks has unique and different skills which have to be upgraded on a regular basis with the enemy. This is where app purchase comes into the picture. The basic agent cost is 100 coins, while the most superior agents are priced at 46,000 coins. You get these coins by playing or in-game shop by paying anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs 6,200.

There is no career mode or missions based on historical events, like the earlier games in the series. The gameplay is quite similar to Counter Strike, a popular FPS for PCs. Users can join other players to create and team and take on rivals teams in simple challenges. The objective is always the same — to eliminate all enemy soldiers, but the backdrop changes with every game. Overall, the visuals look richer than Modern Combat 5 and this explains the game’s larger footprint. It takes up about 1.8GB of space after installation, which is 800MB more than the predecessor.

Modern Versus Combat APK offers user-friendly and advanced controls. These players have the power to shoot automatically by pointing at the enemy.

 In this game, users can shoot at mechanically by aiming at the enemy or go with the physical shoot option. The New control such as double tapping on the screen to trigger the zoom-in view feels more instinctive than finding and patter the dedicated key.

 To make sure you don’t lose your way, the game deals a virtual line which shows way in which the rest of the team members are headed. The virtual stick which control player actions is not static.

 This game can be opened by taping on anywhere on the screen. Overall, this is one of the best first person shooter games after ages. The simple gameplay makes it ideal for casual gamers who are not into games with a complex plot.